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 Post subject: Questions
PostPosted: Mon Sep 27, 2010 5:23 pm 

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Simple questions to your airsoft players:

1. What is the best Soviet/Russian rifle/assault rifle to get?

2. In paintball, you know when you get hit. But what about in airsoft? I have some old M9 handgun (spring) and sometimes it was noticeable when someone got hit. I see all of these tactical vests and I can't see how you will know if you get hit in an ammo pouch.

3. Accuracy. Even though I had some cheap pistol, the accuracy sucked. My buddy has a battery powered AK-47 from some sports store and the accuracy wasn't the best. It was good at short-med range. Then there are these people with sniper rifles online. Are these sniper rifles really accurate?

4. Gas, battery, spring. Whats the best over all? Pros and cons?

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 Post subject: Re: Questions
PostPosted: Tue Sep 28, 2010 12:52 am 

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Well if you want to be a modderfreak then get a NATO rifle like the M4 or the FN-SCAR so that you can use piccateny rail mounts and such. But if you want to do what I did I just got the AK-74 assault rifle with wood foregrips and a wire stock and strapped a GP-25 grenade launcher to it for when I'm doing long range/medium range and small amounts of CQC in the area. The AK-74 build makes it good all around in a lot of environments, but if you want something more mobile then get the AKS-74u, which is of course smaller and not as heavy but you can't have a GP-25 on it, maybe put a suppressor on it if you want but that's all.

As for hit detection, airsoft generally uses a 'honor system,' so that if a player is hit he will notify the opposing team by yelling, 'HIT!' or falling down etc. depending on the community you play with, and sometimes you can see the pellets hit them and you can dispute with the judge if necessary.

Accuracy is a pretty difficult thing to consider at long ranges, considering the BB's don't have a whole lot of weight and that causes the wind to have more influence on it. However, if you want the best accuracy you will want to spend quite a bit of money, as the stronger the rifle the more accurate the rifle is due to more reliable mechanisms and better overall performance. And quite honestly I despise sniper rifles, I think they are the most useless piece of crap ever thrown into airsoft for the simple reason that most are bolt action spring rifles and they can't hit for $%@^. And I bought a pretty expensive sniper rifle when I first started...

And this question is pretty difficult as most people simply use preference, but if you want more power and a pretty good assurance for accuracy, go for gas or CO2, however, this is very expensive in the long run with replacing the canisters and reloading then after requires you to manage your gas and your ammunition rather than just your magazines. Battery is the most commonly used as it is pretty much universally accepted and adored by most airsofters for being reliable, generally powerful, and requires the least amount of maintenance on the field. Spring, don't even bother if you take my opinion, I hated spring guns since I was a kid and I still think they suck now. And don't let anyone give you that stupid, 'Only pros use spring cause it requires more skill!' garbage, if a pro wants to be a pro he'll get a rifle as good as his own skills are, the extra challenge will get you killed. After all, you don't hear about US Soldiers going after a bunch of terrorists using only their Beretta cause they want to get the pistol achievement...

 Post subject: Re: Questions
PostPosted: Tue Sep 28, 2010 2:31 am 

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Though Taurus' explanation was quite descriptive and long, it didn't go into the many fine details that must be known.

There is no "one" airsoft Ak74 with wood grips, theres like fifty million.
But the most reliable one is a VFC AK-74, real wood, steel, years of work on the gearbox, and it's Taiwanese. (Taiwanese and Japanese are the best in airsoft) Of course if VFC is quite out of your price range, a Dboys or CYMA would work fine, but they ARE NOT the best, if you get one, get an M100 or M110 spring for it (It's decent velocity [fps] for all around, as 400+ is just insane and not required for regular AEGs)

For accuracy, you can buy a tightbore barrel, they are generally the most accurate barrels you can have, and to my knowledge I believe ARES is the only company to manufacture guns with them from the factory.

Snipers, are very deadly in airsoft actually. Recently I played a game with some guy who had invested on a TM Vsr-10 and put over $800 of upgrades into it.
The guy was hitting people cross field through brush. Of course you need to use heavy bbs if you snipe (like .34+)

Regular AEGs can get along fine with .20s - .30s but you shouldn't need any more. NEVER USE .12s they are very inaccurate.

Gas guns are very realistic in their actions but are more expensive than AEGs or Springers. Most guns run on Green Gas (propane), though some can use Co2, which is very economical, but still not as cheap as propane. And most guns need to be modified to run on Co2 without breaking; example: WE Scar.
Springers are only good as snipers, one shot bolt action etc... (though some gas snipers are bolt action as well)
AEGs are the best all around, and have the most upgrades. They perform well in varied weather, but gas guns will not.
One thing about airsoft is that you get what you pay for, if you pay under $200 for a cheap chinese AEG, chances are it will break quite fast.

For AEGs, if you are just starting out, go with a G&G sportline or Classic Army sportline, they are more reliable than the Chinese clones. Not to mention most chinese companies are closing up anyway. So they would become pretty rare soon.

And you can usually feel the bbs hitting you even through mag pouches and just like Taurus said, it is an honor system.

Quick overview: Buy Taiwanese, you'll get reliability, performance, and accuracy.
Hong Kong stuff is fine too (Classic Army, ARES)
Japanese is the maker of airsoft and the most reliable models (Tokyo Marui, Tanaka, etc.)

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